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Who they are

Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat (ECS) is the executive organ of the Catholic Ethiopian Bishops’ Conference (CBEC) coordinating the pastoral Activities commission (PAC) and the social and development commission (ECC-SDCO) activities. A  nonprofit making  organization that works as a national coordination, facilitation and representation office to the entire social and development activities of the church. It works in collaboration with ten dioceses .SDCO further divided into departments for Food Security, Education, Health, Women & Family affairs. The Ethiopian Catholic Church (ECC) renders health service mainly to the poor, marginalized and most underprivileged in society in almost all regions of the country. The Catholic Church service in the fields of pastoral an social development are coordinated by the Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat (ECS) . ECS in its present form was established in 1965 and got its first organizational structure in 1971.

To realize Ethiopian society where all its spiritual, physical, socio-economical and cultural needs of the people are met and where all peoples are living in harmony, solidarity, equality, love, justice and peace.

The mission of ECC is to bear witness to the love of God (Acts 1:8) by promoting the integral human development of all members of Ethiopian society by ensuring growth and self-reliance through evangelization, awareness raising and capacity building  with the aim of social transformation.

Reach more than five million people through 85 health institutions ranging from primary health care stations to hospitals of which one has a training institute with the goal of promoting integral human development. In an attempt to contribute to the development of human power to the health sector; St. Luke Catholic College of nursing was established in October 2000 in Wolisso town along with St. Luke hospital.

Implementers:Salesians of Don Bosco

The Salesians of Don Bosco began work in Ethiopia since 1975, legally registered under the umbrella of Ethiopian Catholic Church Social and Development Commission by the Ethiopian Residents Charity. As one of the Religious Congregations under Ethiopian Catholic Church, Salesians of Don Bosco is a Non Governmental Organization operating under the Ethiopian Catholic Church Social and Development Commission, with Charity registration number of 0756, which began working in Ethiopia since 1975. The Salesians of Don Bosco have a well established presence in five regions of Ethiopia, which are Tigray Regional State – Adigrat, Adwa, Mekelle,  Shire; Gambella Regional State, Gambella and Punido, in Southern Nations National People Regional State, Soddo and Dilla town; Oromia Regional State Zway, Adamitulu and Debre Zeit  and in Addis Ababa City Administration.

The mission of the Salesians is to address the needs of the youth and to meet their basic needs. In light of this mission education is a key to prepare young people for their lives. Consequently the organization is running kindergartens, primary schools, high schools and Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) colleges.

SDB had implemented and have continue to implement a wide range of programs and activities on education which includes technical and vocational trainings, street children programs, agriculture, women’s promotion, feeding programs, youth focused activities in their youth centers, sponsorship programs intense awareness raising programs on HIV/AIDS, human trafficking and other emergency programs. 

In its 40 years of presence in Ethiopia, SDB has carried out different activities to address all kinds of youths’ issues and the protection of their basic needs and human development in which education is the means of intervention to address the mission and other cross cutting issues such as gender, HIV/AIDS, water and sanitation. For this reasons the organization is strongly working in the areas, stated above, by running, primary schools, high schools, technical & vocational education training (TVET) colleges & youth centers.

In line with this, there are also feeding programs, rehabilitation centers and education programs for street children. Besides the organization also get involved in various emergency situations occurred in the Country. 

AET meets for Rectors’ Meeting in Gothara 

Addis Abeba: All the Rectors of AET province along with the provincial met for the meeting of the Rectors  in Salesianum, Gothara. The Meeting is coordinated by Fr. Chrys Saldhana.  A variety of topics like Formation of the EPC, Authority, Animation and Government, Assessment and Admissions, Conferences for Practical trainees etc are meant to offer a great input for the rectors in the animation of the various communities of the province. This is the first meeting of the Rectors for this scholastic year 2016-2017.

Graduation in Hair-dressing at Debrezeit

Debrezeit: It was indeed a great day of joy and achievement for the community of Debrezeit as 21 students of the informal course in hairdressing had their graduation on June 5, 2016.  Seemingly all the students were extremely happy to have done this course at Don Bosco Debrezeit and were grateful for the wonderful opportunity that was offered for them at the center. The presence of the Provincial of AET, Abba Estifanos Gebremeskel certainly added a special color to the whole ceremony.  He encouraged all the students and congratulated with them at this joyous and proud moment in their life.  The informal course was lasting for 6 months and it has been going on at the center for the past 8 years.  Dn. Temesgen Tekka, the in charge of the oratory, gave away the certificates to the students and inspired them to climb greater heights in their life.  It is definitely a happy occasion for the community of Debrezeit that more than 130 students have already passed through this course in the past 8 years since its beginning.

Graduation in Don Bosco Makelle

Makelle: Don Bosco Technical College of Mekelle had the joy of the graduation of about 117 trainees of whom 41 majoring in Machining technology, 42 in Automotive power train, and 34 in Automotive Engine services in this academic year 2015/16(2008 E.c). Among them there are 25 students were females.  In addition to these, about 125 trainees were graduated in short term training program such as Secretarial science (25), Automotive Engine Services (25), and Welding& basic metal works (75).

The graduation ceremony began with the report of the college; graduated students are 90.8% competent in Certification of Competence assessment (COC). The college is accredited to be a center of assessment for certification of competence. And this makes the college the first in the region as well as in Ethiopia. It is also explained that the college has been upgraded into Poly Technique College in this year which makes it possible for its technical education & training in to Level V.

Regarding the job opportunity, 90.1% graduates of last year 2015 (2007 E.C) were employed as the tracery study shows and our customer service satisfaction according to the assessment by TVET office in Tigray region, the college is rated high about 94.3%. Besides that, in the graduation ceremony, the Don Bosco Alumni association leaders and members were present to give their congratulation messages to the graduates. We were also highly honored with the presence of Rev. Abba Tium Berhe, the parish priest of the Nativity of Mary Mekelle Catholic church, who was the main speaker of the day and gave his message to the graduates, family, and teachers encouraging them to be always a source of inspiration for the future generation.

Week-long retreat ends in Gola

Adigrat: The week-long retreat in Adigrat came to a beautiful conclusion on 03 July 2016 with the Holy Eucharist presided over by the provincial of AET, Rev. Fr. Estifanos Gebremeskel.  The retreat in Adigrat was the second one in the series after the one of Mojjo which was preached by Fr. Joseph Pulickal from Sudan.  There were about 36 participants for the retreat in Adigrat, which comprised of 14 students of Philosophy and all the rest made up of confreres from the various communities of the province.  Almost all the 14 communities of the province were well-represented in the retreat except the communities of Dilla and Soddo.  The retreat was preached by Rev. Fr. Chrys Saldana, who will be part of the AET province from the new scholastic year 2009 (EC). The retreat was mainly based on the themes of GC 27, namely Mystics in the Spirit, Prophets of Fraternity and Servants of the young.  Fr. Chrys, who was formerly working in the formation department for several years, was certainly an authority on the topic.  The various conferences given by him with lot of enthusiasm and vigor favored an active and attentive participation of all the retreatants.  All the retreatant along with the students left in the afternoon for Addis Abeba.  The third retreat for this year will begin on 11 July 2016 in Dilla, preached by the same preacher Fr. Chrys Saldana.


Meeting of Salesian Bullettin Editors in Rome

Rome:In 1877 Don Bosco thought about printing a publication that was destined to last over time. “It has been decided to print a Bulletin which will be like a newspaper of the Congregation, because there are many things to be communicated. It will be a regular bulletin, a link between Cooperators and Salesians.” Following in the footsteps of the founder, the directors of the Salesian Bulletin around the world participated in a special meeting which concluded in the presence of the Rector Major Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, and the Councillor for social communication, Fr Filiberto Gonzalez.

Forty-three Directors and collaborators of the Salesian Bulletin took part “The Salesian Bulletin stems from our charism and is in function of the Salesian mission. It is not a magazine like the others in the Congregation, It is the magazine of Don Bosco, of the Rector Majors, through which they keep in touch with the Salesian family, on behalf young people,” said Fr González.

Fr Leonardo Sánchez, Director of the Bulletin of Spain, said: “I am convinced that through this meeting of the directors of the Salesian Bulletin we are strengthened in our communion and identity as communicators. We have faced new challenges such as the digital world, our recipients, the manual of style, the editorial practices of the team of the Bulletin and our institutional identity. This will help us in the coming years to be more effective and to create synergies of communication.”

The Rector Major praised the work done by the directors of the Bulletin and urged them to consider their work as part of the “charismatic identity and fidelity to Don Bosco”. Then he mentioned the challenge of publishing a Bulletin in the digital era, and above all, a Bulletin that reaches more people.  He went on to say that we have the ability to meet this challenge and a responsibility to communicate to the world the message of the Salesian Congregation.” Finally he asked the participants to “treat with the utmost attention the message of the Salesian Bulletin”.  Abba Lijo Vadakkan has participated in the meeting representing the province of AET from Ethiopia.